May 5, 2013

The Simple Things: Fresh Lemons and Baby's Best Friend

I realized that I haven't posted a list of 'the simple things' that I'm grateful for in a while, so here are some of the sweet and simple things that have made my life a little bit fuller as of late:

-a successful event that was a blessing (last weekend) after months of prayer and preparation on the part of the women at (in)courage. I was lucky enough to host the Roanoke (in)RL meet-up, where I spent a morning with other Christian women from our area over breakfast, genuine conversation, laughter, and watching a few of the webcast videos put together by the team at (in)courage. Here's a quick pic from afterwards (missing one of the ladies), but I think you can tell by our smiles how much fun we had spending the morning together!
With my friends Janan and Susan
-getting confirmation that I'll be volunteering this summer at the art museum with incorporating theatre into some of their education programing! :)
-writing a puppet show while at home with Emmett in the past week or so. I'll have to share more about this later, but I'm really excited (and am hoping to find a chance to have it performed this summer)
-my sister-in-law and her husband moving back home to Southwestern VA from Texas. It feels really nice to have everyone living on the farm right now, and to spend time hanging out with Beth and Tony and their sweet dog Winnie (P.S. Emmett and Winnie are pretty much BFF already)
Emmett and Winnie
Emmett and Aunt Eliz
-fresh lemon slices in water- so refreshing and it reminds me of summer!
-continuing to see the farm bloom right before my eyes. I've decided I really love springtime in Virginia!

-deepening relationships with our small group members
-having coffee and chatting on Thursday morning with some pretty incredible women in the mom's group I go to. So blessed by these relationships as well.
-a conversation with a French artist and an inspiring live display of her quick technique of painting at the museum yesterday
Natalie, Beth, Me, Cornelia Marin, and Drew

-a day spent with Beth and Tony, and our friends Drew and Natalie at Roanoke's chili festival and strawberry fest
-eating the best corned beef reuben I think I've ever had at an Irish pub in the area ;)
Tony and Beth (Emmett is in the highchair on the end of the table)
No picture of the Reuben, but here are our cheesy faces ;)
-wonderful time of worship, singing with my heart full and open and my hands lifted this morning in church, with my little boy and husband worshipping by my side
-a big ole Southern home cooked meal after church today at Neil's grandmother Opal's house with the whole fam. I love Charlotte's cole slaw, Opal's beef roast and truffle dessert, and just the general time spent in an afternoon surrounded by loved ones (and taking a nice little nap upstairs to recharge while Emmett entertained the troupe haha).

-a calm and slow evening with my boys tonight- a walk on the farm, packing lunches and thinking of meals for the week, washing clothes and straightening up, refocusing towards a fresh week, getting the chance to papercut.
working on a new project :)

-watching in amazement as my son continues to gain confidence and travel one step at a time across rooms into the arms of those who love him.
-really positive encouragement after choosing to be vulnerable about how my son has been teaching me to be brave
-talking to my mom and sister, and just how they still know me better than anyone since they have known me my whole life ;) Love you both!
-exciting advancements with some blog changes coming soon ;)
-the truth that has seeped into my soul as I've been memorizing Psalm 16 this week
-and finally, this:

Long list but it's been a while since I've sat down to write it all out and share! What are the simple things you've been grateful for lately? Feel free to share your list (even if it's just one or two special little things) in the comments below.

With love and a full heart,
Mama Bird


  1. Love it, Heather! And I'm honored to make the list! Sounds like you had a great weekend. Glad you posted a pic of Neil. Now I know who Emmett looks like!

  2. Aww Heath! You look so happy in all of your pictures! I'm so glad your heart is full and you are continuing to grow and find new opportunities. That art gallery position sounds awesome! Also, I cannot believe how big Emmett is getting! He's turning 1 soon, right? Time sure does fly!