May 29, 2013

The Simple Things: Alone Time and Salsa

There are a lot of recent blessings and pictures and updates I could list here to share with you my 'simple things' gratitude list. But I'm currently nomming on a curry chicken salad sandwich and sipping some really good hazelnut iced coffee at my favorite local coffee shop and I only have a half an hour so I'm going to just stream-of-consciousness style list it all. :)

Thankful lately for:
-the goodness that counseling is for my soul -a counselor I can laugh with and who just gets me after only a few sessions -the fact that there is a Christian counseling center in Roanoke (what a huge blessing!) -the fact that my husband is so overwhelmingly supportive of me going back to counseling and getting a grip on my anxiety and perfectionism :)

-this rare bit of alone time, sans baby, to just chill at a coffee shop and eat a great late lunch and write -the homemade salsa that I'm devouring with my sandwich and chips! -hearing the coffee shop buzz that I so often miss in my current season of life -the whir of the espresso machine, the chatter of work meetings and friend catch-ups, the radio playing songs I actually love, the register accepting another purchase, the bell on the door telling of comings and goings

-a wonderful weekend that got to happen after a cancelled camping trip and rearranging of plans to go home and see my family after several months apart -watching Emmett get to know his Mom-mom and Grandpop and Auntie Linds and Uncle Bobby, and seeing them all light up over him the same way I do when I spend time with this precious child -sitting on the porch swing in our backyard with Neil at every chance we got -amazing (though quick) visits with dear friends over great food, drinks, laughter, and honest conversations/catch-ups -a heart to heart with my sister in the bathroom as we got ready for bed, the kind of talk that I miss when we're away from each other that just isn't the same as those phone calls across miles -the break my husband was able to take from work this weekend after weeks of working REALLY hard (hey three-day weekend, I'm a big fan of you!) -celebrating my dad's birthday over a relaxing and fun meal with my family, including my beloved grandparents that I've missed like crazy

-a REALLY exciting announcement coming to the blog on Friday June 1st! keep your eyes peeled. this has been coming for months and I'm pretty much bursting for the final details to be put in place so I can share this news with you!

-the fact that three-day weekends make for shorter weeks, and that we're already close to the weekend! Neil and I are helping at a Sidewalk Art Show this weekend for the Taubman, which I'm pretty excited about!

-and last but not least, I'm thankful for this little booger :)

What are you thankful for this Wednesday afternoon?

Hope you're enjoying your afternoon, dear friend.

Mama Bird


  1. He is sure beautiful, Heather! Thankful for another day
    Mrs Breve

  2. Your little guy is too cute! He looks like he is fully enjoying the start of summer.