May 19, 2013

The Little Adventures // 4

I don't remember where I initially found this quote, but I had it hanging in my office at my last job before I became a stay-at-home mama. I find such hope and joy in it :)

'The world's favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May.' -Edwin Way Teale

I can't help but feel that truth pulsing through with all of the little adventures around here lately. First Mother's Day last weekend. Emmett's first real ride on a tractor. His first time playing with crayons. My first time learning how to plant in the garden after a magical trip to a garden center to pick out flowers, tomato plants, mint, arugula, and a beautiful Hen and Chicks succulent. Gorgeous May weather on the farm, and celebrating a whole year of being here in Virginia. Captions are necessary for the following photos... just wanted to let you in on life as of late!

Love that eyebrow look and the dino shirt from his Uncle Gibby
All dressed up for Mother's Day
Oh, my heart :)
Mama and her boy
The Line-Up
Trying to teach Emmett how to color
First ride on the tractor with Grandpa
A new papercutting I'm working on!
During a walk this week. Love this view in the springtime
Seersucker pants and humidity hair ;)
Grandpa, Scooby the goat, Grandma, E and Miss Annie (the dog)
Trip to a garden center! Beautiful succulent arrangement
Emmett and his Aunt Beth
In the greenhouse
Sprite, the horse at the garden center
Thought of you when I saw this one, Ali!
He slept so hard after this! (tired and flushed, but still so cute)
A treat that my mother-in-law bought for me

With May-seasoned hope that all things are possible,
Mama Bird

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