May 28, 2013

Letters from a year ago

Yesterday, my little boy turned 11 months old. He's getting to be so much fun, with his little chirpy noises, and singing and clapping along to banjo music, and his love for the outdoors, and his running around (oh yes, this kid is running). I wish I could freeze time a bit, since in just a few short weeks he'll be turning one.

We're planning the first birthday celebrations, and we just boxed up all of his clothes from the first year. It's remarkable how much he has grown and changed in just a little less than a year, but then again I'm pretty amazed at how Neil and I have grown and changed this year as well as we've settled into life here on the farm in Virginia and settled into our life as parents.

I kept a journal during most of my pregnancy full of letters and thoughts I wanted to share with Emmett. I decided to pull it out tonight and read through a few entries. I had the idea to include some of the entries and pictures from this time last year to just show how much things have changed. I'm thinking I'll try to share a few here and there leading up to the big ONE year birthday for our sweet boy!
May 17, 2012

Dear baby,

Feeling you move is the best part of my day. No matter what kind of day I have had, your little sighs and squirms and rolls and punches make me stop for a minute and look down at my growing belly and smile, and thank God that you are being knit together inside of me. I truly can't wait to hold you, to see you, to kiss your soft little cheeks and forehead and fingers, and rock you to sleep each night; to teach you, to cry with you, to love you and to learn from you each day of your life, sweet boy. Just seven more weeks until our adventure together starts.

Love Mama

May 28, 2012

Well sweetheart, six weeks and counting! We are getting more and more settled into our new life here. Your nursery is about 80% ready to go. We still need a few more things (we have all of the essentials though), and I have a few more projects to complete before you arrive (if I have time). Your crib isn't set up yet, so we actually have our mattress in your room for the time being. Can I just say, we love your room?! It's so cozy!

Today is Memorial Day, so your Papa and Grandpa have the day off. We'll probably do some more unpacking and settling in. Love you baby!

 Posts from this time last year: One of my first 'Simple Things' posts about Settling In and Permanent (exactly a year ago today!)

Hope you had fun looking at these little blasts from the past, and I'll look forward to sharing a few more letters and posts and pictures with you as we count down to June 27th!

Mama Bird

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  1. Awww, I got chills so sweet, and it goes by so fast doesn't it:( can't wait to see pictures of his first birthday!!