December 13, 2012

25 in 25 (a birthday post)

Today, I am 25 years old. I love those moments in life that are definitive vantage points. A time when you can look back to reflect and simultaneously look ahead to reorganize, re-prioritize, commit to new things and shed the old. Technically, we have a chance to do this every morning and evening (celebrate the fresh palette before us, and at the end of the day celebrate the accomplishments, blessings, lessons to learn from and look ahead to start anew once more). But I personally love the milestones that hold a little bit of a grander feeling- the graduations, moves to new places, anniversaries, New Years, and today, the celebration of a quarter of a century of my life well-lived.

As I embark on my 25th year, I decided to make a list of 25 tangible goals and dreams that I'd love to check off my greater life list. So, this year, hopefully this list will not be a barometer through which I measure the year's success (as I have a tendency to do when I set goals), but more a gentle reminder of the things I love and strive for, and hopefully I will be forgiving and have grace with myself when undoubtedly a few of these remain unchecked by next December 13th. But there's nothing wrong with dreaming :)

1. Have a piece of my writing published (online or in print).
2. Get family pictures taken.
3. Make a trip to the West Coast.
4. Take part in a musical or play (acting, directing, helping behind the scenes, etc.).
5. Bake a gourmet cake.
6. Pay down at least 50% of my school debt.
7. Write and illustrate a children's story for Emmett.
8. Run a mile (no stopping or walking!).
9. Memorize 25 psalms.
10. Cook the turkey! (Thanksgiving? Christmas? another special occasion? just for the heck of it?)
11. Have a romantic getaway weekend with my hubby.
12. Host a themed party.
13. Read 10 literary classics (that I've never read before!)
14. Eat healthy, hearty salads for one meal a day for a whole week (I hate salads so this is a good goal for me!)
15. Take a creative writing workshop (online or at a local community college?).
16. Listen to one new artist/band per week (let those suggestions start rolling in!)
17. Try eating vegan for one month.
18. Make homemade toffee, fudge, chocolate croissants, or my mom's carrot cake recipe that Claire made for our wedding.
19. Go for a picturesque hike somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
20. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
21. Paint a mural for Emmett's nursery.
22. Go on a picnic with family and/or friends somewhere beautiful on a spring or summer day.
23. Write the thank you notes that I've been needing to write for a really long time (ah yes, I still haven't written them).
24. Take a day or weekend trip to the shore with my family and experience the ocean through a child's eyes.
25. Tell 25 people why I am grateful that they are in my life. 

Hopefully as the year goes by, I'll be able to blog about these little and big adventures, cross some things off of my list completely, and share the progress of those longer goals (like reading 10 literary classics or working on that children's story). You can always check back at the new tab above called '25 in 25' to see how things are coming along, or maybe gain some inspiration to write your own list for this year.

Love, chocolate cake, and life lists,
Mama Bird 

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  1. Happy Birthday Heather! These are wonderful goals. Here is a delicious salad recipe I made last night in case it helps during salad week. I made it with mixed greens rather than watercress:

    Have a joyous day today and a wonderful 25th year!