October 19, 2012


I'm happy to say that our little family has had an exciting past few weeks, but alas I have neglected this little corner of the internet. Thanks for bearing with me while I've left quite a gap of time between posts! Neil and I celebrated our one year anniversary, Emmett's been growing in leaps and bounds (slept through the night! slept in his crib! rolled over from tummy to back!), AND we had two very special visits from two of our best friends (Zakk and Sarah). It was great fun to have them both here, especially for me to see Sarah who was one of my best friends in college, a roommate for a few years, a co-worker, a bridesmaid in my wedding, and my kindred spirit. We had a lovely and relaxing time baking, walking around the farm, having our traditional afternoon tea on the porch, catching up and enjoying each others' company after so many months apart! I also loved seeing my baby with one of my best friends-- it was so surreal seeing those worlds collide, and letting Emmett spend time with and meet one of his 'aunts!'

Happy (blurry) anniversary!
Emmett and I have also been introduced to our fair share of new experiences and culture in the past few weeks (especially this week!). Emmett has had his first few little tastes (literally just a lick) of some of our fruits and veggies-- he absolutely loved pumpkin, avocado, orange, apple and lemon (no wonder I loved citrus during my pregnancy!), but did NOT seem to care for the taste of peaches. We go to the doctor in about a week for his 4 month check up and should get the official go ahead on solids then (hopefully!). I've been learning from my mother-in-law Charlotte this week how to make homemade apple sauce and apple butter! It's been so fun to slowly see the process happen, and to literally enjoy the fruits of our labor :)

Another exciting update-- I joined a stay at home moms group through 'Meetups' and have attended my first two events! Last week I went to a 'Moms Night Out' at one of the mom's houses, where we enjoyed appetizers, pumpkin martinis, and a bonfire. I was thrilled and so reaffirmed to have some genuine conversations with a lot of young women who have experienced so many similar things that I have in adjusting to being a mama. On Wednesday of this week, Emmett and I attended Storytime at Barnes and Noble with some of the moms from my group. Emmett got to meet other babies and children for the first time and he did great! He especially seemed fascinated by a cute little red-headed 6-month old named Colin as his mom and I chatted and held our boys across from one another. I enjoyed my fall beverage of a chai tea latte, browsing the poetry/drama and children's sections, and hanging out with some new friends and their adorable children!

Don't I look so cultured in my argyle? (Thanks Kristen!)

This week, we also took Emmett for his first trip to a museum!!! We visited the Taubman Museum of Art with my in-laws while Neil was upstairs working hard :) Emmett was so curious and well-behaved as we pushed him around in a stroller and took in the art that Southwest Virginia has to offer through the Taubman. The security guards especially seemed to love him (this one funny lady kept wanting to smell him haha, but she did take our picture which was nice). The highlight of that trip for me was seeing the interactive children's section called 'Art Venture' and getting extremely excited about when Emmett will be old enough to play there. I also got to meet the director of the education programs (one of Neil's co-workers), and spoke with her about the opportunity to use my background in theatre to get involved with their Spectacular Saturdays (storytelling, puppetry, improv?) or volunteering with giving tours to school groups. As many of you know I have a great passion for arts education, and one of the things I was hoping to do when we moved down here was get connected with a local arts non-profit (theatre or otherwise) to expand my experience with arts education. This seems like it could be a really neat opportunity and I'm so excited to connect with her soon about some ideas!

I love the museum!
E and his grandparents with a current piece of installation art
Love! The little stage, puppet theatre and 'dressing room' in Art Venture
Happy (and Emmett hates his shoes)
Finally, I wanted to share with you all my latest obsession. If you and I follow each other on Pinterest, you probably noticed a huge spike in my pinning this week of some crafty paper projects. I have fallen in love with scherenshnitte, or paper cutting. Charlotte (my mother-in-law) has done a good bit and introduced me to it this week. We did a lot of looking through books and examples online, and I completely am in love. With its German roots, it reminds me of my Poppy and Grandmom and our German background a bit too-- I can't wait to make this year's Christmas presents ;) Here is my first attempt (just using computer paper and an exacto knife), using a free template from Cindy Ferguson, paper cutting extraordinaire.


So, now that you're caught up on all of the new things our little family has been doing, what's something new that excites you in this season? I'd love to hear!!!