June 2, 2012

The Simple Things: Rainbows, sushi and sweet tea

This week has definitely been a busy one, but I think we are finally starting to settle into a sort of routine with my hubby's work, feeling more settled as we unpack more and more, and seeing things really come together for baby's arrival. We still have lots to do, and I definitely feel like I wish I had more time in the day to make more phone calls, write more letters/thank-you cards, or go for walks in this beautiful almost-summer weather. But I think this week has definitely been about realizing that this short little season since we arrived until the baby comes has a great purpose in helping me find the rest my body has been CRAVING for the past 8 months, strengthening our marriage, and re-connecting with friends and family. What I'm grateful for this week:

-It's June! Hubby's birthday month, just a few weeks away from the official start of summer, and even closer than ever to meeting our little guy.
-That being said, I'm thankful for 5 weeks and counting for our little bird (though we have a feeling he may come sooner)! Funny little things-- I no longer fit into 'Large' or 'XL' t-shirts and tank tops for normal people. This belly is SO far out that I only fit into maternity clothes! Good thing I only have a few more weeks to go until I can go back to wearing semi-normal fitting clothing :) Also, I've been doing a lot of reading this week on ways to prepare for labor (we weren't able to get into a class before the move and there aren't any classes offered at our hospital until the end of June), and I've started reading 'What to Expect in the First Year.' It's so funny how for the first 7 months or so of pregnancy my mind could only really grasp what was going on inside of my body/the baby's body. I couldn't quite wrap my mind around the concepts of labor and delivery, breastfeeding, diapering decisions, or how drastically our lives would be changing until very recently. It's a lot to think and pray about but we are SO excited (and nervous) for him to come!
-This week I learned how to make true Southern-style sweet tea. My first batch wasn't QUITE sweet enough but I'm getting there!
-I'm loving the chances to talk to my family over the phone, and spend time bonding and hanging out with my in-laws here. I'm so thankful to have two families that I love and care for so dearly. We are so excited for whenever the baby comes-- we'll be able to have both families all together staying on the farm for at least a couple of days!
-Crafting! You can read about my first sewing project here.
-We went out to celebrate a friend's birthday this week at a sushi restaurant in downtown Roanoke. The place had a really neat atmosphere, and it was cool to meet some more really fun people who live in the area. Even though I'm totally missing sushi and can't wait to indulge after the pregnancy, I still found some delightful dinner options on the menu that suited my current cravings (some pretty awesome Asian ribs... and chips and guacamole- one of the staple foods of my pregnancy haha). I was slightly jealous of the raw fish being consumed around me, but I also loved that I could get away with my strange combination of dinner selections without too many strange looks (blaming it on the babe). Headed over to the apartment of the birthday girl afterwards for homemade caramel popcorn, sangria (I tried a bite of the fruit and got really excited for enjoying some occasional summer cocktails after baby is born and I have a night off from feeding haha), and games that had my tummy hurting from laughing so hard.
-Friday night girls' night with my mother-in-law-- we made homemade alfredo sauce with fresh parsley and garlic, drank sweet tea (of course), and watched Funny Girl (my goodness, I love that movie).
-Finally setting up the rest of our little basement apartment-- our bed is up against an exposed brick wall and it reminds us of a sweet studio apartment! A definite plus-- I can see into the baby's nursery from my side of the bed.
-I LOVE the rain, especially when it's in late spring/early summer, the sun is still out in some regard, and there's a little bit of thunder. Last night we had all three. AND there was a double-rainbow and a gorgeous after-effect on the landscape when the storm ended. There's something so cleansing about a good summer storm.

Some pictures I took after the rainstorm

Having a relaxing Saturday afternoon with the husband. Happy first weekend of June, dear friends! :)


  1. Looks like a beautiful place to live. Happy June to you too!
    Love, Mrs Breve

  2. Thanks Mrs. Breve! I loved your picture on facebook this week of your crafting adventures by the way! I'd love to learn how to knit :)