June 17, 2012

The Simple Things: Nursery is ready! (Part 1)

Hi friends! Sorry I haven't blogged this week, and am a day late in posting my usual Saturday 'Simple Things' post. It's been a little bit of a hard week, which I'm hoping to write about soon, but I needed to spend the week resting as much as possible and taking care of myself. What I am SUPER thankful for this week is that the nursery is finally finished (even more so than last week, as I've been able to craft and add a few final touches), we now have everything on the essential 'baby list,' and my hospital bag is packed. At my doctor's appointment this week, we were told that things are definitely progressing, and this weekend I've slept more than I ever knew was humanly possible (maybe my body getting ready for labor?). Throughout the pregnancy I've experienced Braxton Hicks contractions almost daily, but today I've been feeling my first real contractions (they're pretty spread apart and not too intense). Once they become more regular and are about 5 minutes apart we will have to head to the hospital, but the contractions I'm having now might just be more warm-ups for the real thing. Exciting to know that it could be any day now!!!

I wanted to post pictures of the before and after, and all of the fun little details of our baby's nursery, as this is what has made me the most happy this week! During the nights when I've had trouble sleeping, I've been able to spend a few hours at a time sitting in my glider reading or praying for the little guy. It's a really peaceful place and I can't wait until he's actually here to enjoy it with us! :)


Deciding where to start...

Hubby and his dad painting!

I wanted to get in on the painting action!
Starting to come together...

The crib

Here we go...

My little corner... ready to put on the finishing touches!
Posting part 2 tomorrow morning with the finished nursery and a story! Thanks for your patience, dear ones!

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