June 9, 2012

The Simple Things: Landmarks and Lightening Bugs

My list of what I'm thankful for this week is kind of long, but it was one of those weeks that seemed to stretch on and keep unfolding new blessings with each new day. So here goes! I'm thankful for....

-Becoming an official Virginia resident! I went to the DMV this week and registered for a new license, with my married last name and my new state. It came in the mail yesterday! Wahoo! If anyone has ever seen a VA license, you might know that they look a little weird. They have a little hologram of your face in a small oval near the bottom right hand corner. Too bad that the larger picture of my face and the hologram are both creeeeepy (they let me smile but I wasn't allowed to show my teeth!). But at least I'm a true Virginian now :)
-I started a new devotional plan this week (Joyce Meyer: Promises for Your Everyday Life) which is exciting. I've needed to be refreshed in this way! The readings are really simple but poignant and give me a lot to think about as I start my day.
-We received a delightful package from my friend and her sister (who has the cutest little boy) with some baby clothes and diapers. We've gotten into the practice of washing things in Dreft before I put them away in the baby's drawers. Also, when the weather is as nice out as it has been here lately, we hang the clothes out to dry on the line instead of using the drying machine. We all were so giddy to see the line strung with such tiny clothes that will soon belong to our little bird!

-On Wednesday, we had a wonderful check-up with a midwife nurse that we loved. She was extremely helpful and a great resource as we near the end of the pregnancy and get closer to delivery (one more week to go until I'm considered 'full term.' We passed the one month landmark this week til our estimated due date of July 7th!).
-I got out of the house a bit this week and sat and read/wrote for hours while the hubby was working at his Starbucks. I've so missed my coffee shop inspiration recently so that was just lovely!
-Thankful for my amazing friends and family who continue to shower me in love through this transition and as we prepare for the baby.
-I took a long walk on the farm on Friday afternoon and it literally took my breath away-- both in the fact that I'm 8 months pregnant and moving a little more slowly these days, AND in the gorgeous landscape that I still can't believe I'm settling into for this season.

-I'm caught up on sleep and my sleeping schedule is finally that of a semi-normal person (going to bed around 10pm and waking up before noon the next day haha). This may sound decadent and gross, but trust me, when you're in the third trimester you take that sleep wherever and whenever you can get it.
-Celebrating 8 months married to my best friend! My husband and I had a really fun date last night. We went to my favorite restaurant in this area called 'Fork in the Alley,' which is a brick oven restaurant downtown. We split a delicious white pizza, people-watched, laughed (a lot), and indulged in the BEST dessert ever. S'mores with peanut butter from the brick oven. Yessss. Then my husband surprised me and drove me up Mill Mountain to see the bright, huge star that Roanoke is famous for (what makes it the 'Star City'). It's a really cool look-out point where you can see all of downtown Roanoke spread out before you and lit up at night. It was really special and romantic. (Forgive the lighting in the following pictures... it was SO dark out on the patio and we only had a tiny citronella candle and the flash of the camera haha).

-Seeing TONS of lightening bugs on our anniversary date-- one of my favorite signs of the approaching summer.
-The soundtrack of my week- Robyn on repeat. I probably listened to 'Call Your Girlfriend' (and tried teaching myself the dance haha) twenty times. Also, I'm kind of obsessed with this rendition by sisters Lennon and Maisy. Sooo good.
-Finishing the nursery today!!!! (Pictures and a story to come tomorrow). 

Sorry for posting so late on this Saturday, but it's been a long day :) More to come tomorrow!


  1. Love hearing what is happening in your soon to be mommy life! Bless you and your little one!
    Mrs Breve

  2. I love reading along, too, Heather! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see the nursery pictures! :)

  3. I love Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn. And its been a goal of mine to learn all the dance moves. thankfully my zumba obsession has helped in the endeavor.