June 6, 2012

Insomnia and a post office story

There are so many funny changes a pregnant woman's body goes through over the course of the 9 month period... I have come to marvel at how much of a blessing it is that God gives you several months to prepare (physically, emotionally and mentally) for bringing a human life into the world. Here's a tiny recap of how my pregnancy has been so far:

First trimester: WHAT?!?! A baby? But I just got married! What in the world? Huh? Oh no, I'm gonna be sick. Every single day for the next three months. Like, whenever I wake up or put on an article of clothing or smell coffee or urine in the subway station or brussel sprouts. And eating vegetables? No way. All I want is macaroni and cheese. And to sleep. All the time. Wah. (I lost almost 13 pounds in the first four months of beings preggers. And literally only wanted to sleep. Double wah. Yes, I was really whiny and moody in the first trimester, if you haven't figured that out yet).

Second trimester: Oh hello beautiful day! Thank you Lord for letting me see what a miracle this is. And for taking away my morning sickness. And giving me energy to do well at my job. And letting me fall in love with my little bump. And finding out that we're not having twins (praise.the.Lord). Just one growing, squirming little boy. I think I'll eat some fruit now. Lots and lots of citrus. But no meat. And definitely no veggies still. Oh, and I think I'm going to love being a momma. Is there any way, dear Lord you could find a way for me to quit my job so I can stay home with the baby? That'd be awesome. Thanks. (Every day was filled with prayers to figure out how we'd possibly be able to provide for this child, with family so far away, the crazy cost of living in Boston, and the need for me to continue working full-time for us to afford living in MA).

Third trimester: You're moving to Virginia! Your baby is moving like cra-zy. You're going to get to be a stay-at-home momma! Now just relax. How am I supposed to relax though? There's so much to do!!! Love feeling you move little guy. Yay to being able to eat anything and everything I want again! (Even veggies! And lots of ice cream!). Hooray! I'm living on a farm. I can't fall asleep. I'm so tired but my mind is racing. Every night. Until about 2am, 3am, 4am.... yes 7:30am (that happened two nights ago. yuck). Well, that's okay. I can just nap in the afternoons for now. And watch Downton Abbey and read about natural childbirth. And do fun sewing projects. And unpack. And hope that this baby will get here soon, but not before I'm ready (haha, why am I such a control freak).

Well, today, I went in for my (now weekly!) doctor's appointment. My doctor was on vacation, so we had an awesome midwife named Melissa, who I think is the most helpful provider we have seen throughout this whole process. She was vibrant, and family-oriented, and answered all of our questions without making me feel crazy, and even had some really sound and helpful advice about natural childbirth preparation and requests for when we get to the hospital. And she gave me the beautiful news that I can take some Benadryl or Tylenol PM to help myself fall asleep at night if I need it. I've been reluctant to do so before I got her go-ahead, but I think my hubby was especially happy to hear that starting tonight we may be able to get on a normal sleeping schedule :) She also relieved our fears by letting us know that our little bird is not going to be here, like any second. She said it definitely looks like things are starting to move in that direction, but we still have a ways to go. In fact, I have to slow down and remind myself that his due date is still a ways off (exactly a month from tomorrow!). Speaking of, my mom and I were talking today and she said I should post a question on here to find out everyone's predictions for some stats about the babe! Comment with your guesses on:

Actual date/time that baby arrives
Hair/eye color 

Let's see who's guesses are closest!!!

One last tiny Virginia anecdote... I went to the local post office for the first time yesterday with my mother-in-law to ship a package for my husband while he was at work. This post office is 3 miles down the road. It's located on the end of a small red building next to a small 'Homestead' home-cooking restaurant. We went in to the post office and I saw the smallest, funniest little post office I've ever seen! It is literally SO tiny and country. There is one desk, with enough room for one worker. No high tech 'ship it yourself' machines. Hand-written notices and thank you cards pinned to the bulletin board. I get introduced to the woman working behind the desk by name (she goes to church with my husband's grandma). She and my mother-in-law chit-chat about goings-on in the town and the church. Another woman comes in. My mother-in-law starts talking to her, and I think to myself, oh, I love the South. But it gets even more hilarious as I realize that they actually know each other too. She asks my mother-in-law how the goats are doing, and what ever happened to the guinea (*guinea-fowl). I couldn't stop laughing to myself, as I found this funny for two reasons. 1) I live in a place where people have goats and guinea fowl on their farms (including my family's farm!). 2) It really started to hit me that I'm really living in this place, where everyone knows each other and they're so stinkin friendly, 'ya'lls' and all :)

Okey doke, friends, the Benadryl may be kicking in, so I'm going to try to head to bed at a normal hour. Don't forget to post your baby predictions! Love,
Guinea Fowl


  1. I'll be the first to guess!

    July 8th early morning (sorry Heath!)
    8lbs 2 oz
    no hair, grey eyes!

    Love you guys, and can't wait for you to meet Emmett!

    Love, Vanessa

  2. Heath girl..so proud of you..you and Neil will be awesome parents...
    so the prediction....July 4th - yep red, white and blue baby. late morning..8'6 oz blue eyes, blond tufts
    We love you LOTS Aunt dan and company
    (and the folks in ole SW Viriginia are so sweet)

  3. Cristina MirandaJune 23, 2012 at 2:29 PM

    Here's my guess, Heath!

    Actual date/time that baby arrives: July 4th/9:06pm
    Weight: 7 lbs 7oz
    Length: 20 inches
    Hair/eye color: brown hair/ blue eyes

  4. I love these predictions!!! Ahhh can't wait to see what this little guy looks like! And I don't know if I can hold out til the 8th Ness haha. That seems so far right now. Cristina-- my mom wants him to come that day too! She said it'd be cool if he could have fireworks every year on his bday :)