May 26, 2012

The Simple Things: Settling In

As I mentioned last Saturday, I'm going to be posting once a week about the things I'm thankful for, or the little (and big) ways that I'm seeing God's faithfulness to us. I have a lot to be thankful for this week!

-The hubby getting a job and making it through the first few days of training
-Seeing the nursery really start to come together
A tiny glimpse of the progress in the nursery...
-Getting to spend a lovely afternoon with my mother-in-law, having lunch, talking, and shopping for fabric and craft supplies
-Having the chance to do some baking this afternoon! Yay, I've missed you baking :)
-Washing, organizing and folding all of baby's clothes to get ready for his arrival (6 weeks and counting!)
Ah tiny things!
-Receiving such a blessing in responses from what I shared in my last post about trusting the Lord in times of uncertainty (thank you friends for your honesty and vulnerability)
-Finding several Old Navy gift cards in the process of moving and discovering their delightful maternity section! 
A muumuu? Not sure, but it's perfect for this hot Southern weather!
-Realizing that the baby gets really excited and can identify his papa's voice/touch. Baby will be asleep and relatively still, but as soon as my husband comes over and puts his hands on my belly and bends down to say hello to our little guy, he will start moving again. It's pretty remarkable!
-Remembering how much I love and admire Regina Spektor as a musical artist. So good!
-Spending an evening with good friends over a wonderful dinner, much laughter, and rich conversation
Happy :)
 Looking forward to another new week and all of the lessons and blessings that lie ahead :)

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